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System for Dating Country and Primitive Furniture, Part One

Foreign Editions Coming Soon. I just wanted to confirm a drawer was made for identifying dating furniture using dovetail joints often overlooked. Antique cabinet hardware, appraisals, how a piece of carmichael focusing on the these companies part can purchase, acquired drawers antique nails and screws.

A wide variety of resources can help you come close to dating an antique back to pioneers and perpetuated in communities where metal hardware had to be.

When you want to refinish old wooden furniture, the best place to look is the family storeroom: Check the attic, basement, garage, or wherever unwanted furniture has collected. You may also discover a real antique or two — pieces handed down through the family for generations. Other good sources are secondhand stores, household auctions, and garage sales. With furniture, as with anything else, one person’s junk is another another’s treasure.

Antique stores are a good place to find furniture to refinish, but expect to pay for these pieces. If you’re interested in antiques, recent or old, research before you buy anything. Real antiques and many reproductions are extremely valuable, but there are also many imitations.

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If you suspect your piece is pre, like these early s antiques, consult an expert — do not refinish. If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between and are ideal candidates for refinishing. Here are some general guidelines to assessing the age and quality of your piece.

Solid brass keyhole cover escutcheons dating from the early s. and solid brass antique rosettes some sargent and yale Antique Hardware, Switch.

My great-grandfather worked for Dent Hardware in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And he, I’ve been told, made this boat and several other toys while working at Dent Hardware and he gave this to my grandfather. They were a foundry and started in Newark, New Jersey, but shortly after that moved to Fullerton, Pennsylvania, which is right near Allentown. So the factory was actually in Fullerton.

What time period would he have brought this home? It reflected a real battleship from that time. It’s made of cast iron. Not to be a toy for the water, it’s actually a floor toy, like a pull toy. And you can see that by its sheer size, it’s a large piece of cast iron. I mean, this is a heavy boat. If a child got creative and thought, “Well, let’s put it in the water and see what happens,” it’s going to sink right to the bottom.

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We sell genuine antique furniture and house hardware dating between & As this is all antique hardware, things are always changing. Our hardware​.

If you are trying to determine the age of a piece of American antique furniture , it will require investigative work. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Examine the level of work that went into the furniture from the joinery, finishing, knobs, and more. Study the materials used from the wood, fabric, and screws. If you take all these factors into consideration, you may be able to figure out on your own if have an antique or a machine-made reproduction.

When you are trying to determine the age of piece you cannot just look at furniture style. Popular styles have been prolifically reproduced over the years and some of these classic styles are still being made today. The overall style—such as Chippendale , William and Mary , Queen Anne , or rococo revival —can serve as a potential clue, although, not a definitive one. Once you determine a particular style, look for the signs of aging that would verify if you have an antique or not.

Take a look at the joinery the spots in furniture where the pieces come together.

Dating Antiques By Hardware

Discussion in ‘ Furniture ‘ started by J Dagger , Jan 7, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. Hoping someone may be able to help date these screws for me. It looks like you would have stuck a little rod in the side of the screw and turned it from there to tighten it down.

If you suspect your piece is pre, like these early s antiques, consult an expert Hand-cut dovetails can date an older American piece to before , research appropriate finishes and hardware before you dive into your project.

From the beginning of time, humans have needed a way to transport their personal belongings from one place to the next. Hunter-gatherers were obviously limited in what they could carry, due to the fact that they were doing just that: carrying their possessions. With the invention of the wheel came a brand new form of transportation that opened many doors in terms of what people could own and transport with them, and thus they needed new ways of carrying them.

Chests and trunks date back to at least medieval times, but really gained momentum in the Victorian Era, starting around the s. At this point, we should point out the difference between a chest and a trunk. While trunks were mainly used for traveling and transporting possessions from point A to point B, chests are generally considered fixed and permanent pieces of furniture, usually used for storing things such as blankets and assorted bedding.

For this reason, chests can be more ornate, while trunks have a more practical form of decoration. Like many things in the Victoria period, trunks started out with a pretty simplistic design and grew to be much more intricately designed. Initially composed as just a lockable, wooden box with a paper-lined interior either decorative paper or something simple like newspaper , trunks soon came to be covered in leather, paper, canvas and some form of metal hardware e. Although trunks were often used by people when they traveled by carriage, they became truly ubiquitous between the s and s, solidifying their position in history and paving the way for our continued interest and their continued use.

Flat-Topped : Pretty self-explanatory, these trunks had mostly flat tops and were primarily used for travel, as they were easy to stack and store on trains, ships and carriages.

Antique Furniture Hardware

Antiques are hot. And anything that is hot is probably being reproduced. Not knowing how to tell the difference between something that was made a hundred years ago and something similar that was made last year can result in a buyer getting burned.

Found a couple items I liked, but eBay comps were Read more. Date of experience: May

Beautiful textures and colors of Mid-Century design is reflected in the work of Tokyo-based graphic designer Hannah Andersen from New Zealand who digitally combined handmade collage and painting to create this vibrant look. Illustration courtesy of Hannah Andersen www. Enjoy articles focusing on furniture styles from antique to mid-century modern found in the living room, bedroom and throughout the house. You’ll find the work of Stickley, Wegner, Nakashima, Eames and many other furniture makers.

Here are ten clues to tell a real Tiffany lamp from a fake one. With their hand forced because of the ongoing pandemic, organizers of Pennsylvania semi-annual event turn their focus to Winter Show and healthier times. It exhibits a multitude of international influences reflecting a philosophy rather than an easily defined design style. Colorful, campy and oodles of fun, Mid-Century kitsch, from spaghetti poodles to bluebird-themed housewares, is more popular than ever.

Yasmina Greco explains the importance of looking back while moving forward. Hans Jorgen Wegner was the grandmaster of mid-century Danish chair design. Throughout his career Wegner designed roughly chairs. Many of his classic creations, like the Ox chair, remain in production. The Hitchcock Chair Company was an industry leader and innovator in both the 19th and 20th centuries.

After a fascinating history, it folded—again—in

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Wood screws are one of the least understood clues in establishing the date and authenticity of antique furniture. They are especially valuable for dating country and primitive furniture. The stylistic techniques used to date formal furniture such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite simply do not work for American country and primitive furniture; screws can tell a story about the history of a piece.

Wooden screws — screws made from wood — date from antiquity. Metal wood screws — for fastening into wood — appear to have originated in the 15th century. Screws are relative newcomers to the production of furniture and did not become a common woodworking fastener until more efficient tools were developed around the end of the 18th century.

Hoping someone may be able to help date these screws for me. It looks like you would have stuck a little rod in the side of the screw and turned.

Well, that is exactly what many old home magazines have been doing in the recent years. Antique hardware has become not only an interest to the old home restorer, but a major field in collectibles. The historic and aesthetic value of antique hardware was recognized by a group of people in the s, which organized as the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America in , a nonprofit whose purpose is the study and preservation of ornamental hardware.

So, what about the earlier hardware, which a good number of us in the Northeast living in homes dating before might have or had in them? I myself have chosen to live in and restore an early 19th century house and must decide with what I am going to replace the cheap hollow doors with their non-descript brass plated doorknobs installed in the s. With an acute interest in the early years of our nation, its transition from a colonial economy to an industrial economy and its search for national identity, I have been studying our industrial revolution and early architectural styles.

Since the formulation of the idea of grasping a round object to open a door, doorknobs have been the subject of technical development and artistic expression, taking on many shapes and ornamentation and made in various materials; glass, metal, clay, porcelain, wood, plastic and other contrived compositions. Dating of hardware is often quite difficult, particularly with the early wrought iron pieces.

Historically most hardware before the midth centuries came from England.

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This is a pair of antique brown swirl pottery or “mineral” knobs circa We have a great variety of tones. Pottery or mineral knobs, prior to , were mainly imported from France and England until the first U.

Our diverse range of antique hardware is represented by manufacturers such as Yale & Towne, Corbin, Sargent, Russell & Erwin, Stanley and Knob.

Copyright Contact: webmaster antiques. Home Find. Made and signed by Branford Lock Works, these doorknobs feature an incredibly detailed design with scrolling leaves in the center, surrounded by a swirled background and a rope border. The plates are ornamented with an elegant leaf design at the top and bottom, with rope running down each side of the plate. The background features a repetition all-over scroll background found on the knobs.

The set includes the doorknobs with the connecting rod and set screws, and a pair of doorplates. This door hardware set is in excellent condition. Each leaf of the hinges features a semicircle with a beaded border, surrounded by stylized flowers and geometric detail. The back of the hinge is also ornamented with a floral motif. These four-knuckle Eastlake hinges are in excellent condition. These petite 2. The backplates feature a simple beveled border and a raised center panel with notched corners.

The knobs have a coordinating design.

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